Wilderness therapy is a program that offers a number of different treatment options for your troubled teen in a more relaxed, comfortable, outdoor setting. Although your teen will be out in nature for the duration of the treatment program, your teen will still be receiving the therapy that they need. Keep reading to learn whether this might be the type of therapy program your teen needs right now in their life.

Does Your Teen Need to Escape From Their Daily Life and Triggers?

If you think that your teen's recovery could benefit from getting away from everything in their daily life, then a wilderness therapy program may be appropriate. When you are out in nature, it can affect your mental and physical state in a positive way. Plus, your teen will be miles away from the things and people that remind them of the desire to use drugs or alcohol. In addition, out in nature, these substances are simply removed from the equation.

Does Your Teen Find It Difficult to Connect With Others?

It is not uncommon for teens who abuse drugs or alcohol to also struggle with various relationships. In wilderness therapy, your teen will meet other teens who have similar issues. Your teen will learn to work with the others as a team, overcome challenges, and forge strong bonds (and hopefully friendships).

Does Your Teen Have Self-Esteem Issues?

A number of teens who have substance abuse problems also have self-esteem issues. In a wilderness setting, teens are often able to deal with these issues. A teen's self-esteem can be improved by learning to become self-sufficient. In addition, teens become much stronger physically and mentally, which improves their self-worth and self-esteem.

Does Your Teen Feel Uncomfortable in Traditional Therapy?

Some teens struggle with traditional therapy treatment programs because they feel extremely uncomfortable opening up, especially in a cold, stiff office setting. In a wildness therapy program, teens feel more comfortable sitting around a campfire with a group of teens who have experienced similar issues as them. As such, it is easier to open up about their issues and discuss their feelings.

Do You Want Your Teen To Develop Coping Skills for the Future?

Being out in nature makes it so that teens are more comfortable with the difficulties of their everyday life. They have to learn to problem solve and manage problems, such as stress. Things like this can be beneficial when they return to their normal life after the program. At the end of the wilderness therapy program, your teen will be a much more well-rounded person.

If you would like to learn more, find a troubled youth treatment center in your area.