Millions of people find themselves out of work, even if they have been at their most recent job for three years or longer. Losing your job is a life-changing event and can be quite scary when you don't have a backup plan. You can help make things better by utilizing a counseling service to assist you in this transition. Don't ignore the following signs that you need counseling after losing your job.

You aren't motivated to seek work

Are you oddly unaffected by losing your job? Are you so overwhelmed by the financial transition that you aren't motivated to find a new one? Do you have such fear you are paralyzed when it comes to making the next move? Do you just not care about finding new employment elsewhere, like you have given up?

Having a counseling service by your side to give you someone you can talk to about your situation is key to helping you get on the right track to be motivated to get a new job. You may be suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD related to being fired, or have other mental and emotional issues that your counselor can help you organize or conquer. Sometimes the brain's reaction to a traumatic event — like losing your source of income — is to shut down, and you need a professional counseling service by your side.

You aren't taking care of yourself or family

Losing your job can be devastating and cause more than just financial strain. The loss of a job can cause your world to feel like it's stopping, and if you find yourself unable to bathe, take basic care of yourself, take care of your family, or handle the normal day-to-day activities that must get done, you need a counseling service to intervene. Signs of depression include worrying all the time, not eating, losing interest in friends and family, varying emotions to the extreme like sudden happiness and then sudden anger, weight loss or gain, and other signs.

Your counseling service will help you get through your recent job loss so you can get back on your feet, feel like yourself again, and move forward with this transition. It's hard to see that you can find employment again when you are stuck within your own thoughts and reactions. A professional counseling service will match you with the counseling professional who is best suited for your needs so you feel comfortable opening up and learning coping skills that can be helpful to you.