Marriage isn't easy–staying married is even harder than divorce sometimes. If you and your spouse are struggling to keep it together, don't give up hope. Even the most hopeless of relationships may stand a chance if you are both willing to fight for the marriage. Here, you'll find a few tips that may help you get through this rough patch and find your way to the greener grasses of a happy marriage.

Consider Counseling

Marriage counseling with companies like Tim Robbins Counseling can work wonders for a marriage in trouble, but it can also be problematic getting both individuals to participate. Talk with your significant other about taking part in marriage counseling. Having a third party involved during the deep conversations that you'll need to have while you work through this will help to keep things civil and can provide both of you with insight that would have been missed if it wasn't for the third set of listening ears.

Do not ever threaten your spouse with marriage counseling. The counseling will only work if both of you are ready and willing to participate, but when you both do open up, you'll begin to see things change in your relationship.

Keep a Journal

There are probably a lot of things that you'd like to say to your spouse throughout the day. Whether you want to tell them that you love them at a time when they don't want to hear it, or you want to tell them how much of an idiot they are being–these are the things to write down in your journal.

Your journal will be your outlet. You'll use it to write down the feelings that you're experiencing as you're experiencing them. Writing them down will allow you the outlet without potentially starting an argument or hurting your spouse's feelings.

Later, you can read back through the journal and see how and what you were feeling as you worked through this situation. You'll be able to see how petty you were being, or you'll be able to see how your spouse reacted to a certain situation.

Communication is the key to getting through rough patches in marriage. If you can talk it out civilly, you stand a much better chance of improving the relationship and building a bond that will last you many years. Talk, keep calm, ask for help, and keep your hurtful words in your journal. Soon, you may be seeing a difference in how things are going in your household.