Divorce rates these days are through the roof, with close to 50 percent of people calling it quits from their marriages. This can happen to anyone when arguments arise and communication breaks down in a marriage. Because of this, you'll need to figure out some of the best ways to bring your marriage back if you are hitting a rough patch. You will most certainly hit a rough patch if you've been with somebody long enough, so these tips may very well save your marriage. To learn how to bounce back from such a situation, follow these pieces of advice. 

#1: Use The Three Sentence Rule 

While many people would agree that communication is the most important part of a relationship, there can come a time where over-communication happens. When a spouse gets bogged down with venting and hyperbole, it can make arguments unproductive. When this happens, people tend to close up and stop communicating. Because of this, you can adhere to the three sentence rule, in which you limit your gripe with your spouse to three sentences, nothing more, nothing less. Doing this will make you have to think about what you are saying and only include the important information. 

#2: Keep Family Out Of It And Go To A Professional

When you are going through a crisis in your marriage, the natural inclination is probably to reach out to a family member for a vent session. While this might be an easy option, you should avoid getting family members involved, and instead, reach out to a professional marriage counseling service. A counselor is a professional third party who can give you a quality opinion on constructive solutions. Conversely, your family members will be biased to one spouse or another most of the time, and won't forget the details that may make them disparage the other spouse, even if the two of you make up. 

#3: Avoid The Three Major Relationship Killers 

There are a lot of things that can ruin a relationship, but anger, infidelity and addiction are red flags you should avoid at all costs. You and your spouse should flesh out the details of your issues and make sure that these three problems are not an issue in your relationship. If they are, you'll need to get help in these areas as quickly as possible, before the rest of your marriage can move forward. 

Follow these three tips so that you're able to save your relationship from divorce.