According to statistics, there are nearly 4 divorces for every 1,000 people in the United States. This incredibly high divorce rate speaks to the reality of the difficulty in keeping a marriage together in this day and age. Every marriage has its problems, but sometimes, those issues reach the point that you might not know whether your marriage will make it. If you are experiencing issues in your marriage that are trying, but know that you want to try your hardest to work things out with your spouse, consider these tips to bringing your marriage back from the brink. 

#1: Seek A Professional Marriage Counselor

One of the greatest things you can do to fix your marriage is agree to speak to a marriage counselor. A lot of people are afraid of this, because they feel that hiring a marriage counselor means that they are bringing someone in to tell one spouse or the other how wrong they are. This isn't the case. A good marriage counselor acts as a third party to help you and your spouse communicate and reach some common ground on the issues that are plaguing them. 

#2: Focus On Goals That The Two Of You Have In Common

Sometimes building connections back in your marriage can be as simple as remembering the goals that you have in common. Think about it: when you first got married, you likely were swimming with ideas on how you would grow your income, raise children, go on exotic vacations, and enjoy a life together. For some reason, those goals sometimes tend to go by the wayside if you have been married for a while. Sit down with your spouse and think about the goals you have in common, whether that means the family business or making sure you get your kids into good schools. By focusing on these goals, you will likely remember other things you have in common as well. 

#3: Consider A Separation Period

If divorce is looming, you might want to consider going the separation route first, rather than just jumping right into it. However, when separating, you should make sure that the two of you do so with the understanding that you'll both put forth an honest effort to working toward the best resolution of issues. Sometimes, all it takes is time living apart from each other and the reality that things could end to send you running right back toward each other. 

Follow these three tips, so that you're able to put your marriage back on track, until death do you part. Talk to a professional like Center for Relationships for assistance.